Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Few Things I've Learned This Summer

There's nothing happier than a dog on a beach.

Fig newtons do figs absolutely no justice.

When chickens are hot, they breathe through their mouths. As Pearl and Maude demonstrate here, it makes them look like they're singing heavy metal ballads.

The key to making it rain for the first time in weeks is to leave your laundry on the line over night.

Even vintage appliances are put to work in dire circumstances.

Cat tails are edible. For reals!

It's pretty great being me. Thanks, summer.


Mme.Positron said...

mmmm cat tails... how do you season that??

madeline said...

According to these recipes... pretty much any way you want. I have concluded that you need to make me cattail pollen biscuits when you come to visit.

Anonymous said...

I'll take the fresh figs over the cattails... so fun to see what you're up to. Keep up the good work!

madeline said...

Thanks, Jen!

lost teeth said...

this summer is the best!

Ryan said...

oh man, i can hear those chickens' ass-kicking falsettos!