Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Digs

Ok, here it is, the Eugene house tour I promised. Here we are, entering through the front porch. Stalkers, take note of my house number. I'll leave it up to you to figure out the street name.

The entryway leads into the living room, with our newest thrift store steal, the little brown couch. Wilder was sadly couchless for the first week or so we were here. He's making up for lost couch time now.

Here's the rest of the living room, as seen from the hallway.

That blindingly bright corner in the photo is our breakfast nook, completed by our other fortunate thrift store find, the little round table. What with limited space issues, this is currently our only indoor eating space. The weather has been so nice, though, we've been eating a lot of dinners out in the back yard on the patio furniture. Summer is so great!

The hall leads to my room. (As well as the bathroom and the other bedroom.) Before we moved in, the landlord offered to paint it, so I picked out the same colors I had in my room in Portland. It's comforting when I'm feeling a little homesick. Aw.

Back through the living room, we head into the kitchen.

We're still working on this room. I think we're gonna get a table that fits over Wilder's crate so we can have more counter space.

And now for the best part... the back yard! The kitchen leads to a laundry room we share with the tenants who live in the two studio units back here. The little structure to the right is the coop for Renee's chickens. She brought "the ladies" down with her from Portland. We get fresh eggs pretty much daily, announced with some cute victory squawking.

Renee also brought this nice big pot of herbs that I use to cook with all the time. If you hadn't noticed, I seriously lucked out roommate-wise.

Our little house is on a double lot that stretches way back from the street. The foot path leads to raised beds and fruit trees, as well as the two studio units that share the lot. Another one of my favorite cohorts from our class is subletting the unit you can see through the trees until the end of the summer term.

Here are a couple of the aforementioned fruit trees. Wilder is modeling the pear tree, which probably won't be ready for harvest until August. The cherry tree, on the other hand, is just finishing its season.

Check out all the cherries! Renee and I climbed up yesterday and picked a big mixing bowl full. I ate some with yogurt, and Renee used to rest to make an amazing cherry-blueberry-strawberry pie.

It's going fast. I had pie for breakfast this morning. So good.

I'd also like to introduce you to Wilder's new guy pals, namely Renee's husband Jay and their retired greyhound Howard. Jay and Howard have made the Eugene transition much easier for Wilder, as they keep him company during the day while I'm at school. As you can see, he has already fallen for their charms.

I have lots to tell you about school, but that will have to wait for the next post. Now, it's bed time.


Drewby said...

I love that Wilder is in almost all of the pictures. I imagine him following you around as you take photos and making sure he has a good spot before you take the pic.

madeline said...

I actually cloned Wilder several times in a replicator machine, and there are copies of him lounging around everywhere now. If you would like a Wilder of your very own, I can ship you one for the low low price of $19.95!

Vanjarama Split said...

I want to be a cloned wilder so I can sit on all of these couches and porches.

I miss you. PSU is conspiring to keep up apart. No fear, the term nearing its end.

Damian said...

Cloned Wilder = great band name

cara said...

I love it!! And Wilder is an excellent home model, very effectively showing off every part of the house.

Mme.Positron said...

pretty sweet new digs, your room looks almost the same (well maybe a little bigger). I thought yesterday was Wed. cause I'm a genius. Ryder can't buy you a beer... he'll be driving around an abandoned prison. Friday he's driving for Snoopdog (I am not joking). I bought you some jam, btw.

madeline said...

Snoopdog AND jam?? It doesn't get better than that.

bastardbakerphotographmaker said...

OK... Hold up, Wilder clones!!! Me too me too!
Will the pears at your house in PDX be ready for your triumphant if brief return? Looking forward to stealing some - though I'm sure your roomies will gladly share the bounty. The new digs are awesome, but know you're missed in the hood. Hope you're representing for Woodlawn down there.