Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eva Gets a Funny Hat

I took a short but fun trip down to Santa Barbara to see Eva, the youngest of the Carroll siblings, graduate from UC Santa Barbara. She now has a Bachelors degree in Zoology. We are very proud. As you can see, I took the opportunity to share in a little of her glory by sneaking into dignified photos. It's hard being my little sister.

All of the immediate family managed to make it out for the celebration, as did my mom's sister Mary and my cousin Jonathan who is on summer break from Columbia University. He informed us that there are limited tickets to his graduation next year, so he can't guarantee us seats. He suggested looking for a scalper. I get the feeling he may be embarrassed of us, though I can't imagine why.

Damian's daughter Molly was skeptical when he explained that Eva would be celebrating her graduation by wearing a funny hat and a long black robe, and that we would throw tortillas like frisbees. (That last part happened at my UCSB graduation. Damian liked that part best, and was determined to relive the experience.) Seeing as Damian regularly makes silly things up, Molly had to see it to believe it. Here's Eva with the aforementioned tortillas (provided by Damian).

As it turned out, every one of Eva's classmates had a name, so it took a long time for all of them to be called. Always one to multitask, Molly decided to style my hair for me while we waited. One of the announcers called out the names like it was a game show. It made things more interesting. I think we should hire him for my graduation in 3 years and one summer.

Afterwards, we went out for a lunch at the Beach House Cafe and had fruity boozy drinks to toast the graduate.

Molly showed her enthusiasm by doing her famous walrus impression.

Convincing, isn't it? I mean, which one is her??

I flew home that night and shared a truck with Renee the next day to move the bulky stuff down to our new place in Eugene. I'm so excited about our house! I'll give you a photo tour soon. Now I'm just finishing up the week at work before school starts on Monday. Yikes. Wish me luck!


Vanjarama Split said...

You can totally hire me to talk like a game show host at your graduation. I'll even use a swanky Fresno accent.

lost teeth said...

i can't believe your leaving pdx already, exciting times!!

shayna said...

I was there too! My little brother just graduated. Damn!

madeline said...

oh man!! if only we'd known, shayna! I would've loved to see you.