Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Still Exist

ok, so it's been a teensy eensy while since the last time i posted. like, if my last post had inexplicably caused me to be pregnant, i would be in the 3rd trimester by now. past the morning sickness, well into the eating frenzy. like, i'd be on the couch, demanding that my post go to safeway and pick me up some chocolate peanut-butter soylicious, and i don't care what time it is, or if you're already in your post pajamas, i need chocolate-peanut-butter-goodness RIGHT NOW. if you didn't want to walk to safeway at ten-thirty pm, well, you should've thought about that 7 months ago, shouldn't you?

anyway, i guess a *few* things have happened since then, but part of the reason it's taken so long for me to write is because i get daunted at the idea of trying to catch up on that much time, so i'm going to keep this one simple.

basic premise for post: i went to thailand in february.
sub-premise: i put photos from said trip up on flickr.

if you would like to view said photos, feel free. maybe i'll write more about the trip later. NO PRESSURE, though. jesus. get off my back.


Damian said...

Yay! Mads is back online!

Cool pirate hat.

dandan said...

I would fulfill your postpregnancy need for chocolate-peanut-butter-goodness any postday or postnight. I love reading your blog!

Mr. Carroll said...

How can we be sure that's actually Thailand? I'll bet you have neighborhoods in Portland that look like that. No pressure, or anything, but I do think we need the written account.

lost teeth said...

i heart your writing! seriously, no pressure though. i'm JUST saying..

shayna said...

gaw! i love flickr. it reminds me to say hi even if i haven't seen you in oh..8 years!!!!

hi. i want to come visit portland. so does my nice german freund. we can all dance to drum and bass together and reminisce (sp?). actually, he doesn't dance but we could dance. just like the old days...