Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Soapbox Antics

i had the pleasure of witnessing the spectacle of the pdx soapbox derby this year. my coworker zach helps organize the event, and he was nice enough to hire me to do the above logo. i can steal design with the best of them!

and, speaking of the best of them, some of my portland nearest and dearest turned out for the fun as well. they were all wearing their most ecstatic facial expressions. can i hear a roll call??






lyndsay and brandon!

allen and girl i only met once!

david hasslehoff!

rude skater kids!

random goth punk guy!

and me!

yes. i am one of my own nearest and dearest. shut up.


the excitement was palpable. who would win?? would it be...

satan claus?

the crazy engineer?

the mail order brides?


chariot guy?

or perhaps, my personal favorite... the cubicle workers?? (they had a functioning drinking fountain!!)

... or could it be one of the many soapbox teams we missed seeing because we slept in too late and showed up in the middle of the second round???!!

i actually have no idea. we left early. but not before we got to witness the gory after effects of the bath tub betties' full-speed crash:

ouch. not to worry. they were supplied with plenty of alcohol to disinfect their wounds (and numb the pain). good times. good times.


Spider Girl said...

Ouch! Poor Bath Tub Betty!

I had no idea soap-box racing got so creative. Every year we have a soap-box derby in my town during the May Day celebrations but not have so much attention to creative design goes into it.

Those cubicle workers are hilarious!

Amelia said...

ditto on the creativity, though i suppose IV has caused me to view the creative component of these sorts of events is the method people utilize to chug down beer while doing it... oh geez, i need to get outta here.

Mr. Carroll said...

Whoa, this has been up since October and only has two comments. I think it's worth way more than that. Now you have three comments, and may more on to post something new.