Friday, October 20, 2006

I Heart NY

i had a handful of days i had to take off by october 1st, lest i lose them to the rolling cogs and cranks of the paid vacation machine. i could afford a couple of discount plane tickets, but not hotel accomadations, so... i went a-visiting. trips are always cheaper when you couch surf! i actually spent 4 days in san francisco first, but i don't have any pictures from that trip yet (eric promises they're in the mail), so new york gets to be immortalized in blog-form before the foggy city. unfortunately, i wasn't feeling very trigger-happy in the big apple, and the pictures i did take came out weird and blurry for the most part. (note to self: must re-aquaint self with camera. read self's camera manual.) anyway, i'll incude the ones i messed around in photoshop enough to satisfy my need to attempt to fix unfixable images.

by the time i got in, my jet-setting german friends bianca and gerrit had already been seeing the sights for a few days, so i didn't end up getting in much touristy-type action. we did walk through central park, however. we also partook in lots and lots of delicious junk food. here they are, sharing a yummy central park hot dog (with a dash of cliché). and here they are again, soaking in the ambiance at a divey cafe near the park in madison square (after we ate amazing burgers at the shake shack):

jen was nice enough to put me up in her tiny but welcoming studio. she's attending columbia medical, but still managed to find time to play soccer on a women's league (her team is associated with an irish pub. quite the bunch of heavily-accented characters), as well as other athletic-type activities. honestly, she puts me to shame. i got to accompany her to a game. i got tired just watching her run around.

i also managed to meet up with an old face from my year in bordeaux, jason chau. speaking of friends who put me to shame, this guy not only spent a few years in niger with the peace corps, but also went on to work in pakistan with amnesty international. he acted as an adviser to PRESIDENT MUSHARRAF. that's right, this guy. jason also, bizarrely, acted as ben kingsley's guide while he was in the area (doing research for a documentary... i think?). here's a surreal photo of jason with musharraf, kingsley, and some other various important people i don't recognize:

coincidentally, jen and i watched the good general's interview with jon stewart on the daily show website the night before i hung out with jason. it's pretty hilarious. in any case, it was great to see him again. he's done a lot of learning, etc, but he's still got the same sarcastic charm he always had. we went to see "The science of sleep," which i highly recommend. it left me in an otherworldly state of mind, which became all the more magnified as i watched the fraggle-like underground construction in the subway tunnels on the way back to jen's place. here's a couple more shots of jason and i hanging out in the subway. we are SO new york:

here's to the hope that my next visit will be longer. as it was, i had just enough time to really understand what the term "new york minute" means. alas.

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shayna said...

hi, i forget to check in here regularly. i'm going to lyon on friday to see my little brother who's spending a semester abroad!!! ach! flashbacks! i can't believe jason, holy goodness of god! fun to see his face there :)

gonna meet bibi and gerrit in paris, i'll give them hugs and kisses from you :)