Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Surrounded by Family

as little jessiah here (one of 11 siblings, soon to be 12) knows all too well, it can be trying at times to be surrounded by one's relatives. unlike our friends and partners, we don't get to choose our family. they just are who they are... it's the luck of the draw. i am happy to say that i am luckier than most, and much much luckier than some. despite differences the size and depth of the grand canyon, the majority of my extended family manages to get along well enough to enjoy the time we share together. while it would be easy to take a joking jab or two at a cousin here or there, i decided instead to just say thanks. thanks for the foundation of tolerance and understanding the "grand" and "great-grand" generations built for us, and thanks for all the effort the subsequent generations have made to keep that spirit alive.

that's me, in the dumb hat. trust me, no one wants to see my hair after 3 days of camping:

and yes, people really do make those silly family reunion t-shirts.

ruthie and thya discover that sharing dirt-covered stuffed animals is, apparently, pretty fun:

babies, babies, babies. brody thinks they're contagious. if they are, we're in a big tub of trouble. meanwhile, molly learns to drive a car:

caden learns to drive a boat:

...and thya attempts to escape the paparazzi:

my cousin serapio has posted some images that captured the reunion spirit quite well, i think. here are a couple of my favorites:

the camp fire:

the sunset cruise:

and look! proof that brody kicked with the carrolls... and got terrifyingly close to a baby.

ok, i'm really ending this post now. really. for real.


Damian said...

I think her name is spelled Thya...

We had fun seeing you and Brody! Hope you got your baby vacinations before you came out to visit.

madeline said...

thanks. i guessed both on her name and caeden (kaden? caden? caydun? canjdkjoansdjo?)

brody's been a little moody and his belly is getting bigger. i think he may have been infant-infected. he may need an infantectomy.

Amelia said...

it's so nice to see people who name their children things with a bit o' creativity. some parents condemn their children to a life of mediocrity with the names they give em... i'm tempted to leave some examples here, but then it'd be awkward if you turned out to know someone who had them... tempting though.

slowlane said...

You did manage to get quite the collection of cute baby pictures.