Monday, August 21, 2006

The Good Head is Back

as evidenced by this lovely set of pictures, i am feeling better about the world and my place in it. (they were only 20 cents... and worth every penny.) brody and i made them with a machine at the nickel arcade sunday evening. we went out for some late-night (open until midnight!) video game action with mike shelley and luke (in town from san francisco for a conference – yay!). i blasted a whole lot of endangered sea creatures into oblivion, thus gaining piles of treasure, and then crashed some cars. it was very therapeutic. plus, brody and i combined our skee-ball and nickel-bowling ticket winnings and got a sweet keyboard-with-microphone-attached. i think we should start a band wherein i play/yell into that, and he plays his upright bass. it will be wicked awesome. we will be called "Stand Up and Shout," and Dio will sue us when we make wads of cash.

thanks, guys, for cheering me up. particularly my main squeeze, who is so nice that he only kind of pretends not to know me when it looks like i peed my pants:


madeline said...

check out my bad camping hair.

slowlane said...

I think his expression is more due to the fact that he is still in shock about the reunion T-shirt for the group photo.

lost teeth said...

i like it when you look like you peed your pants! and i will take you up on your cupcake offer sometime real soon. down with bad moods for EVS!!

Amelia said...

a real good guy would pee his too in an effort to make it look like it was the cool thing to do. unfortunately for us all, i believe all of those males died out due to unexplained problems finding mates.