Thursday, August 10, 2006

Get a Room

brody and i made out in the background at a photo shoot (at demo's request) for the cover of the mercury this week. i was under the impression that we were going for a seedy, passionate look, but it turned out pretty cutesy instead. it's supposed to be taking place at three in the morning, but was really taken at 5pm, when the sun was still in full effect. the photographer (Angela Cash) did a great job with the lighting, etc. now i'm just waiting for all the modeling agents to start calling. don't worry - i won't forget the little people when i'm a strung-out fashion icon.


lost teeth said...

you guys are HOTT! is this your porn debut?

madeline said...

yes. we are starting slow, but i expect we will be in the hard-core industry by the end of the decade.

madeline said...

this just in from lance, our distributions manager:
Returns results are in from the Aug 10 "Best of 3AM" issue... and the pick up rate was a whopping 93.3% with 39639 copies being taken home, read, and rolled upon naked. That's the highest of the year (I'm pretty sure). Nice work everybody! You're a winner after all, oh sad cafe boy with weeping mournful soul.