Monday, August 21, 2006

The Good Head is Back

as evidenced by this lovely set of pictures, i am feeling better about the world and my place in it. (they were only 20 cents... and worth every penny.) brody and i made them with a machine at the nickel arcade sunday evening. we went out for some late-night (open until midnight!) video game action with mike shelley and luke (in town from san francisco for a conference – yay!). i blasted a whole lot of endangered sea creatures into oblivion, thus gaining piles of treasure, and then crashed some cars. it was very therapeutic. plus, brody and i combined our skee-ball and nickel-bowling ticket winnings and got a sweet keyboard-with-microphone-attached. i think we should start a band wherein i play/yell into that, and he plays his upright bass. it will be wicked awesome. we will be called "Stand Up and Shout," and Dio will sue us when we make wads of cash.

thanks, guys, for cheering me up. particularly my main squeeze, who is so nice that he only kind of pretends not to know me when it looks like i peed my pants:

Friday, August 18, 2006

Two-Headed Monster: The Bad Head

ok, so i'm in a crummy mood. i've sort of been in a funk since tuesday and i thought it was because i had been drinking more caffeine than i should, but i cut that out, and i'm still in a funk. so this is going to be a grumpy, complainy post. so there.

here are the things my lame-o brain has decided i'm grumpy about:
• i didn't want to go to work today.
• when i got there, it turned out half of editorial was going to see snakes on a plane, and ezra was going with them, but i couldn't because my boss was coming in late and i could, thus, not ask her if it was cool if i bailed.
• then there was nothing to do all morning.
• we went to beulaland for lunch, and it turns out they are under the impression that bleu cheese dressing consists of nothing but mayonnaise with the occasional giant bleu cheese chunk. plus, they didn't have bbq sauce, which is a pub-food cardinal sin.
• ok, so mike shelley came over to watch some buffy with me wednesday night, and the musical episode was on (once more with feeling), and 3 of my housemates sat down to watch it with us, and then proceeded to comment very loudly about how much it sucked. now, i don't particularly care if people like the same shows/movies i like, but i certainly don't want to hear about it while they're watching them (uninvited) with me. especially since i've witnessed changes of heart in so many shit-talkers who now consider themselves fans. i told them to shut up for get out, of which they did neither. i should evict them on those grounds alone.
• fences cost too much.
• zach kind of hates me.
• a coworker is trying to low-ball me with a freelance job i'm doing for him... and he's trying to be sly about it. but i'm not dumb, and it annoys me more that he would assume i am than the whole money thing does.
• ezra and some guy talked about the softball team, and the guy kept talking about "having" to play girls on the field, and he's a sexist jerk.
• i hate being in a bad mood. it makes me feel ugly.

did you see that?? my brain thinks i'm in a bad mood because i hate being in a bad mood! that is illogical reasoning! i need to crawl into bed with a cup of cocoa and a copy of bust magazine.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Get a Room

brody and i made out in the background at a photo shoot (at demo's request) for the cover of the mercury this week. i was under the impression that we were going for a seedy, passionate look, but it turned out pretty cutesy instead. it's supposed to be taking place at three in the morning, but was really taken at 5pm, when the sun was still in full effect. the photographer (Angela Cash) did a great job with the lighting, etc. now i'm just waiting for all the modeling agents to start calling. don't worry - i won't forget the little people when i'm a strung-out fashion icon.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Surrounded by Family

as little jessiah here (one of 11 siblings, soon to be 12) knows all too well, it can be trying at times to be surrounded by one's relatives. unlike our friends and partners, we don't get to choose our family. they just are who they are... it's the luck of the draw. i am happy to say that i am luckier than most, and much much luckier than some. despite differences the size and depth of the grand canyon, the majority of my extended family manages to get along well enough to enjoy the time we share together. while it would be easy to take a joking jab or two at a cousin here or there, i decided instead to just say thanks. thanks for the foundation of tolerance and understanding the "grand" and "great-grand" generations built for us, and thanks for all the effort the subsequent generations have made to keep that spirit alive.

that's me, in the dumb hat. trust me, no one wants to see my hair after 3 days of camping:

and yes, people really do make those silly family reunion t-shirts.

ruthie and thya discover that sharing dirt-covered stuffed animals is, apparently, pretty fun:

babies, babies, babies. brody thinks they're contagious. if they are, we're in a big tub of trouble. meanwhile, molly learns to drive a car:

caden learns to drive a boat:

...and thya attempts to escape the paparazzi:

my cousin serapio has posted some images that captured the reunion spirit quite well, i think. here are a couple of my favorites:

the camp fire:

the sunset cruise:

and look! proof that brody kicked with the carrolls... and got terrifyingly close to a baby.

ok, i'm really ending this post now. really. for real.