Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Multiple Potentials

recent developments have made me realize that the trip i hoped to take to recife, brazil (to visit my fabulous cousin caedmonstia) in february may not be able to happen. aside from the lingering fact that said cuz may not be able to hold onto her visa until then, there is now the problem of super high airfare prices (a ticket to recife currently goes for about $3000), caused by the projected leap in gas prices, in turn caused by the worsening turmoil in the middle east (namely israel bombing the hell out of lebanon). thus, i am saddened by these developments for many reasons.

but enough about being bummed. i am beginning to brainstorm some options for other, more plausible, epic journeys. i still plan to take about ten days off of work in february, and i want to make the most of my vacation, somehow, even if recife proves to be out of reach. it will be during the last stretch of a long, cold, dreary portland winter, so i want to go somewhere i can get a sunburn to flaunt in front of my pasty-faced friends when i get home. here are some ideas i've come up with, trying to keep in mind that gas prices could make driving hard on the budget as well:

• backpacking trip (maybe a train ride there?)
• epic (for me) biking journey (ditto on the train)
• camping (in mexico, maybe?)
• motorcycle trip (hey - this is brainstorming, anything goes)
• going to a tanning booth every day for ten days and coming home to crank up the heater to 85 degrees so i can don my bikini and sit in a wading pool in the living room and sip mai tais while watching the second season of "lost."
• buying a donkey and riding it around to visit everyone in california.

ok, i can probably rule that last one out. i hear even donkeys run on gas in california. but seriously, i wanted to ask if anyone has done any of these things, or has any advice about trying to do any of these things, or has any better ideas about what i should do on my vacation. i know it's not happening for a while, but if i do decide to do something that requires some major planning ahead (training on my bike, getting a motorcycle license, etc), i want to be prepared.

speaking of sunburns, it's supposed to be 105 degrees in portland this sunday. wtf?? didn't us fresnans move here to get away from that ridiculousness? so... who wants to go to the river? i've got floatation devices, if you wanna help pitch in for gas. (le sigh.)


serapio said...

I hear they're working on special energy-efficient donkeys powered by carrots and sticks, but February is peak season for donkey riding, and the prices are exhorbitant.

Damian said...

Is cloning yourself and staring at a light together one of the options? 'Cause that looks like fun.

bri said...

Hey... so I know you... It's Brian friend of Damian...

Epic bike journay... instead of February, do June. You can do the AIDS LifeCycle and ride a bike from San Francisco to LA and raise money for HIV/AIDS programs... and get your vacation paid for by your friends...

I'll sponsor $100

madeline said...

thanks, brian. that sounds fabulous. sadly, feb is the time i can get off. the after-christmas-before-easter time is a slow time for advertising, thus i will be needed less. you could still throw $100 towards my vacation if you want, though. ok, i have no shame.