Thursday, July 06, 2006

Feeling Testy

i don't get it.

how does *not* giving money to public education make public education better? wasn't the whole problem that public education wasn't getting enough money? aren't teachers terribly underpaid, and resources outdated? aren't schools crowded? that's how i remember it, and i went to a well-funded high school. it won all kinds of "best-test-takers-ever" awards, and we were still out hocking candy bars door to door to pay for field trips and band uniforms. maybe that's why i hear stories about members of the military being stranded in some highly volatile war zone without proper body armor. maybe, even though all these public funds are being diverted toward the war, and the prez keeps asking for a bigger budget, maybe they've been giving the army personnel standardized tests on scantron sheets, and their scores just aren't measuring up. maybe the federal government thinks that having to hold a few desert bake sales in order to buy those bullets they're running out of will teach them not to take their oval-coloring-inning duties so lightly. just like, maybe those inner-city teachers in LA should quit worrying so much about their students getting stabbed on the playground or being sent to school without the means to eat lunch. they should quit worrying about the lack of art and music programs, or any after school activities that might inspire kids to do great things with their lives, and maybe even get interested in their educations. they should concentrate, instead, on teaching their students the importance of using only a number 2 pencil. i know my standardized test-taking skills have served me well throughout the years. i use them every day. when my coworker asks me where we should go for lunch, and lists off several choices, i say "choice B"... and i am always right.


dandan said...

Hero material.

madeline said...

like... sandwich meat?