Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Farkles Family Reunion

tonight i pack for the family reunion. i'll be in tahoe enjoying the company of my dad's side of the family from wednesday night until sunday. they're quite the eclectic mix of religious/social/moral beliefs, so at the least it should be interesting to eaves drop on random conversations. brody has (bravely) agreed to come along. mike filtz and his family are, coincidentally, going to be there at the same time. if all goes well, hilarity will ensue.


Damian said...

Family Reunion Pop Quiz:

Which one of these does not belong?

Tyler, Mary, Krystal, Jeffrey, Konrad, Marjabel, Promise Joy, Zebede, Margarine, Darius, Valencia, Josiah


P.S. Carroll Pride!!!

madeline said...

what if the yet-to-be-born one is named margarine? then it's a trick question.