Friday, June 30, 2006

Sweet Abandon

these pictures are a tad old now, but i was looking at them in iphoto and thought the comparison was worth noting.

here is my fabulous housemate ruth, pictured with (and gesturing enthusiastically toward) the cake she made for my birthday. it is impeccably decorated. if you're having trouble reading the tastefully flowing lasso cursive, it reads "Have a Wonderful Birthday"... and then there's WONDER WOMAN on it. get it?! brilliant. she is a diamond in the rough that is our household.

well, brody's birthday came along not long after, and i told him i would bake him a cake, but i am a sad excuse for a girlfriend, as he ended up sort of baking his own cake... but it was at my house! AND i decorated it. ruth helped, as did baker man brody. here he is adding some sugary touches:

and here is the final product:

what, you may ask, happened to the quality control?? i mean, the concept (a frenzied shark, swimming amongst disembodied limbs, with blood spelling out "Brody Ahhh...") is, admittedly, genius. only wonder woman is a better idea. this cake speaks volumes about the finer points of brody's personality. but the execution is, well, let's be honest... drunken chimps could have drawn a better shark (i take full responsibility). i think i may need to practice my cake decorating skills. and to that end, i must demand that brody makes me several cakes a week until they are honed to my satisfaction.

that is all.


auntie eva said...

i like it. it has character.

Damian said...

You ignored the best part of ruth's Wonder Woman cake... the totally rad invisible jet!


caedmonstia said...

Every cake is beautiful in its own way. And I really like the shark. Hurray for Brody the Cake-Maker!

Of course it does look a little bit violent.

claire said...

I just had my birthday, and there was no blood or scary shark on my cake, just pink frosting and candles -- but (sorry, Brody) I liked mine better.

schlomo said...

I am a drunken chimp and I resent being depicted as the epitome of a bad icer. Have you seen my iced sharks? Granted, they're pretty darn bad. But you haven't seen them, have you? My career opportunities are slim enough without your slanderous vitriol.

madeline said...

try being an ad designer, schlomo. its waaaaay easier than making frosting sharks. that's for sure.