Friday, June 30, 2006

Sweet Abandon

these pictures are a tad old now, but i was looking at them in iphoto and thought the comparison was worth noting.

here is my fabulous housemate ruth, pictured with (and gesturing enthusiastically toward) the cake she made for my birthday. it is impeccably decorated. if you're having trouble reading the tastefully flowing lasso cursive, it reads "Have a Wonderful Birthday"... and then there's WONDER WOMAN on it. get it?! brilliant. she is a diamond in the rough that is our household.

well, brody's birthday came along not long after, and i told him i would bake him a cake, but i am a sad excuse for a girlfriend, as he ended up sort of baking his own cake... but it was at my house! AND i decorated it. ruth helped, as did baker man brody. here he is adding some sugary touches:

and here is the final product:

what, you may ask, happened to the quality control?? i mean, the concept (a frenzied shark, swimming amongst disembodied limbs, with blood spelling out "Brody Ahhh...") is, admittedly, genius. only wonder woman is a better idea. this cake speaks volumes about the finer points of brody's personality. but the execution is, well, let's be honest... drunken chimps could have drawn a better shark (i take full responsibility). i think i may need to practice my cake decorating skills. and to that end, i must demand that brody makes me several cakes a week until they are honed to my satisfaction.

that is all.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Running Start

ok, so i've had this here interbot journal (sort of) set up for over a year now. occasionally i've used it to post comments a-step-up-from-anonymously, but my intention has always been to start writing... eventually. so here i go. lots of exciting letters and spaces and punctuation, all following each other neatly in a row. so far so good. let's see if i can put up a picture:

i'm on a one-season hiatus from playing kickball, but i still show up occasionally to cheer and take action shots. this is etta catching the ball at third base. she has her game face on. her other face is more smiley.

here, the team (team name: kickball the team. i am not kidding.) is singing happy birthday to somone on the opposing team as their end-of-the-game cheer.

our illustrious captain instated a new team policy this season: hugs instead of high-fives in the "good game" line-up. the other team is bewildered, but not displeased.

that seemed to go ok. we'll see if i stay true to my intentions and start posting here regularly. i am aware it is a long shot. i may need to start leading a more interesting life, so as to kindle an uncontrollable desire to publish the lurid tales of my escapades for the benefit of the unwashed masses. in any case, i promise to try. (if you all promise to wash your masses.)